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Compton locals pay tribute to hometown hero Kendrick Lamar and his most powerful anthem
Recording artist Kendrick Lamar was nominated for 11 GRAMMYs in 2016, the most ever for a hip-hop artist, and his hit song “Alright” had already become the unofficial anthem of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was reaching a boiling point in early 2016. The GRAMMYs “Compton" spot takes us back to Lamar’s hometown of Compton, California, to show what this powerful song and influential artist meant to its residents, and to the public at large. The result is a highly-charged short film that garnered over 1,000 articles and 1.3 million views, helping to promote The GRAMMYs and the all-inclusive power of music.


2016 Clio Awards - Grandy | Design Motion Graphics