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To make abstract tangible and to urge for immediate climate action, The Nordics biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat created a font that visualizes Arctic ice melt.
Climate change is a lengthy and abstract phenomenon, and as such difficult to grasp for us humans. We have been wired to react more to the threats we can easily observe. This is why the Nordic’s largest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat created The Climate Crisis Font – an OpenType variable font that helps people see the urgency of climate change in a more tangible form. The font’s weight responds to NSIDC’s (National Snow and Ice Data Center) Arctic sea ice data from 1979 to 2019 and IPCC’s prediction all the way to 2050, showing how the ice is expected to shrink because of climate change based on current forecasts.


D&AD - Graphite Pencil / Type Design / Multi-Style / 2021

Vuoden Huiput - Gold / Design / 2021

Grand One - Silver / Best Design / 2021

Grand One - Silver / Best Execution / 2021

Grand One - Silver / Best Campaign / 2021