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From TBWA’s Worldwide Chairman and architect of Disruption® Jean-Marie Dru, a study of the greatest disruptive thinkers of our time.

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About the Book

Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos. Arianna Huffington. Zhang Ruimin. Marc Benioff. Oprah Winfrey. Millions of words have been written about the great entrepreneurs of the world. This book is not about describing their achievements. Nor is it about their charisma, personal trials, or their place in popular culture. This book is about entrepreneurs as thinkers. It is about the grand ideas, the disruptive thoughts, innovative underpinnings and business philosophies that gave rise to their achievements. 

Thank You For Disrupting: The Disruptive Business Philosophies of The World’s Great Entrepreneurs examines 25 of the most significant business leaders of our time. Author Jean-Marie Dru, himself a disruptor who was the first to use the term “disruption” in the business context decades ago, explains the impact these leaders have had not only on their own companies but also on the business world as a whole. Each chapter is replete with in-depth analyses covering everything from the experimentation and platforms of Jeff Bezos, to the recruitment policies and core values of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, to the complete CSR and company activism of Paul Polman, and many more. Illustrating how a disruptive vision can reach far beyond one company, this engaging book will encourage and inspire readers to become disruptors in their own businesses. 

Thank You For Disrupting is a must-read for anyone interested in the why and how behind the most outstanding and influential business achievements of our times.

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About the Author

Jean Marie Dru, Chairman, TBWA\Worldwide

Jean-Marie Dru, Chairman of TBWA Worldwide, is a renowned global advertising veteran and bestselling author of six previous business books. In the early 1990’s, he has been the first one to use the term “Disruption” in a business context, giving it a positive meaning. In its simplest form, Disruption is a catalyst for creative thinking and ideas that change the marketplace, creating business-building ideas for brands, companies and industries by upturning and challenging the conventions of that business and finding room to grow in the market. 

 Jean-Marie Dru began his career in advertising in 1971. In 1984, he co-founded BDDP, which was acquired by Omnicom and merged with TBWA in 1998. He was named CEO of TBWA in January 2001 and Chairman in 2008. He has previously published Le Saut Créatif, Disruption, How Disruption Brought Order, Beyond Disruption, Jet Lag, and The Ways to New. Jean-Marie Dru is also President of UNICEF France and President of the French Academy of Medicine Foundation.

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