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Anthony Hamelle

Executive Director, Digital & Social, TBWA\Chiat\Day NY

Curious is what Anthony has been since it all began. Meanings & Experiences are what he's been thinking about and creating - as an advertiser, entrepreneur, and teacher – for over 20 years.

A digital world is where he lives and breathes, reconnecting brands with their two main dimensions. The immaterial (narrative/storytelling) and the material (experience/user experience and interfaces/publishing) so that they find meaningful consistency in a fragmented digital world, in a world of empowered communities where influencers, interfaces, formats, code mingle with art and copy.

Before joining TBWA\Chiat\Day NY as Executive Director, Digital & Social, in July 2021, Anthony had held the position of Chief Digital Officer of TBWA\Paris since January 2017. His work as a strategist, creative or exec, spanning campaigns, social publishing, and innovative experiences, has been awarded several Cannes Lions, Effies, One Show, and D&AD pencils.

Besides the time he's spent collaborating with brands such as McDonald's, Nissan, Facebook, Netflix, L'Oreal, Orange, Pepsi, P&G, Air France, Eurostar and The Economist: he's always enjoyed teaching, creating opportunities for everyone around him (with a DEI lens on), reading anything from Roman historians from the 1st century to contemporary behavioral science essays, and writing anything ranging from manifestos to tweets, haikus on Instagram or odd out of office emails.

A London School of Economics and Political Science graduate, Anthony has worked at Havas and BBDO, Applied Works in London, Webedia in Paris, and start-up company Linkfluence.