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TBWA Chairman Jean-Marie Dru Profiles The World's Most Disruptive Entrepreneurs In His Latest Book


June 12, 2019

Celebrated global advertising veteran Jean-Marie Dru today launched his seventh book, entitled Thank You For Disrupting: The Disruptive Business Philosophies of the World’s Great Entrepreneurs.

Dru is a bestselling author of six previous business and marketing strategy books and the architect of TBWA’s trademarked Disruption® methodology, popularized in 1992. His new book profiles 25 of the world’s leading entrepreneurs as thinkers, focusing not on their many great achievements but rather on how these most disruptive business builders have changed the way the business world operates.

From stars of Silicon Valley and titans of Wall Street and Madison Avenue, to entrepreneurial innovators in China, France and beyond, each chapter explores the visionary ideas and disruptive philosophies of the remarkable business leaders who have not only shaped and grown their own companies, but profoundly influenced the world at large.

For example, Dru details how Apple’s Steve Jobs was the first corporate leader to fuse hardware and software, embodying the concept of “design thinking,” which is today’s dominant strategic framework; how Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff launched the 1-1-1 philanthropic model, becoming an influential voice for social change, and making his company a leading example of modern corporate social responsibility; and how Patty McCord of Netflix systematically overhauled traditional HR policy to forge a corporate culture that is not only unique but emblematic of businesses born in the new economy.

Illustrating how the vision of a disruptive innovator can reach far beyond his or her company, Thank You For Disrupting encourages and inspires readers to become disruptors in their own businesses.

“To construct our collective future — for each of us, for the companies we work for, and for the world we live in — we will need disruption, every day and everywhere,” said Dru. “This is why I wanted to celebrate the remarkable men and women who are paving this path for us. It is encouraging to know that behind these great leaders, there are great companies. And that inside them, there is a real desire to transform things. I hope these lessons from today’s most influential business leaders and thinkers will continue to inspire others to liberate the creative potential within them and unleash their own disruptive thinking for generations to come.”

Troy Ruhanen, CEO of TBWA\Worldwide, added, “For anyone interested in the why and how behind the most outstanding and influential business achievements of our time, Thank You for Disrupting is the quintessential guide, with new insights from the authority on Disruption. It will leave you energized and inspired. Thank you, Jean-Marie, for Disrupting.”

According to Executive Editor Richard Narramore at John Wiley & Sons: “Many books and articles have been published telling the stories of great entrepreneurs. Jean-Marie Dru’s book is different because he recognized that entrepreneurs are wildly original thinkers. Instead of retelling their stories he extracts their core business principles and philosophy—the creative thinking that made them successful. Most readers will never start a billion-dollar company, but they can easily pick up a few brilliant principles and original ideas from this book that will change the course of their next product launch, or their leadership style, or their career.”

Thank You for Disrupting: The Disruptive Business Philosophies of the World’s Great Entrepreneurs IS available in the United States today on and in retailers including Barnes & Noble. The book will be available in the UK and most of Europe in July through Amazon and across Asia and Oceania in August. A French-language version will be published in September.

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