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Convention is

for squares.

We don't follow cultural and market conventions — we overturn them. We anticipate future trends to determine what could lift a brand higher, and then define a Disruption® platform to get them there.


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There's madness to our methods

We've developed methodologies to keep our brands as top-of-mind as the culture in which they live.

Disruption Live

Connecting at the speed of culture

Disruption Live is our system for identifying triggers in culture that are meaningful to our clients' brands. We interpret these triggers in real time, and then determine the course of action in order for the brand to be responsive and relevant. That course of action could be a tweet, or it could be a PR stunt, the beginning of a campaign, or a new product development. It can be anything. And not necessarily always executed by us.

Turning today's stories into

tomorrow's opportunities.

The tide of culture can make or break your business. That's why we created Backslash, TBWA's cultural intelligence unit. Over 300 cultural spotters from 45 countries deliver insights daily, helping us stay one step ahead of culture and the opportunities that come with it.

36 Cultural Shifts Shaping Our World

In 2022, we’re being more intentional about what comes next. We’ve had two years of quarantine to take inventory on culture and our lives—to honestly assess what’s working and what’s not. And now, it’s time to turn those learnings into actions. The 2022 Edge glossary defines the 36 cultural shifts that will propel us toward the future we want. These shifts span across categories and countries—offering businesses a fresh perspective, and plenty of opportunities to create positive change.
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