Kicking off the year with confidence, Lew'Lara\TBWA is optimistic about 2018


January 10, 2018

Lew’Lara\TBWA says they are going through the best moment of their history and that they’re not going to rush the replacement of CEO Marcio Oliveira

As part of the Omnicom Group, Lew’Lara\TBWA says they are going through the best moment of their history and that they’re not going to rush the replacement of CEO Marcio Oliveira.

Lew’Lara\TBWA started 2018 with good news, as the agency was rated as the best Nissan advertising agency in the world. “Nissan have an internal award and give scores to all TBWA offices that work with Nissan, which is our largest global account,” said Felipe Luchi, partner and CCO.

After a tumultuous year end with the resignation of CEO Marcio Oliveira, announced in December as the new president of DM9 – the advertising agency founded in 1992 by Jacques Lewkowicz (who has already left the operation) and Luiz Lara, chairman of TBWA Brazil, the company celebrates the results of the previous year and is optimistic about 2018.
“We are very happy. I believe 2018 will be a good year. 2017 was already really good for Lew’Lara\TBWA and we are hoping for a double-digit performance in 2018. We are participating in bids and we expect to have good news soon,” Lara said.

According to the executive, they are not going to rush the appointment of their new CEO and told us Marcio Oliveira’s duties have been divided among the board executives. “We are absolutely committed. We’re not going to rush Marcio’s replacement. We don’t believe in magic or miracle solutions. We believe in the agency’s culture, in our talents, and in ourselves. It’s not that we don’t want to bring someone from the outside, we’re just not going to rush this decision. His duties have been divided between me, Wilson Negrini, who is the Director of Account Services, Renata Serafim, who is the Planning VP, Luchi, and Sheila, who is partner and CFO,” says Lara.

Regarding the news that Lara would be leaving the position of Chairman of Lew’Lara\TBWA, ID and Mood’s operations, he denies this information. “We’re doing well, I don’t want to leave what we have here. I’m happy, and I’m still a partner of the group and Chairman of three agencies. Will I be here forever? I intend to,” he said. Lara told that the world of advertising has changed a lot. “Maybe people don’t see me as much as they did before and start to say things. The times of one-man shows are over. It was like that in the 80s, but not anymore. Modesty aside, I’ve already managed to get accounts only with my power of persuasion, but no one does that anymore. Today what counts is the team. Our company culture is to have many talented people, that’s the rule.”

Luchi, who’s been in the agency for ten years, emphasizes that this is the best moment in Lew’Lara’s history. “This moment we’re going through is not an accident. We’ve worked really hard in the last few years to get in tune with the clients we have today. The automotive industry registered a growth in 2017 after four years of drops. During this period, we managed to make Nissan the only one of three brands not to lose market share, and to grow instead. It jumped from 10th to 9th position, with a 15% growth. This was hard won, and it was the result of the renovation made to Nissan’s digital strategy. We were able to really transform our client.”

In 2017, the agency won 43 awards, including Cannes and El Ojo. It ranked 17th in the last Kantar Ibope Media ranking, of November 2017, with gross advertising revenue of 1.4 billion reais. In addition to Nissan, Lew’Lara owns profitable accounts, such as Gatorade, Cacau Show, Banco do Brasil, Coty, Porto Seguro, Sabesp, Sebrae, and Friboi.